Why support Revolve NTNU?

As a sponsor of Revolve NTNU you will contribute to strengthen the knowledge and education of Norwegian technology students. Through a cooperation with Revolve NTNU, your company will gain access to some of the best and most motivated students norway has to offer, both as recruits and futire clients. The project demands a high level of cooperation between disiplins from several engineering subjects, and other areas as echonomy and marketing. This, combined with innovative thinking and having to bo sollution orientated, helps Revolve NTNU give students a unique experience before they start their professional career.


Revolve NTNU wants to contribute to put research, innovation and developement on the agenda at NTNU, by using cutting edge technology of our own, and from the companies that we work with. We offer our car at disposal to test new ideas in a realistic environment.
There are few student competitions internationally that can match the scale and prestige of Formula Student. Over the last years, more than 125 teams from across the globe have tried to seize the title. A competition like this offers a broad media coverage, which make the competition a great way to promote your company.
Revolve NTNU will work hard to get as much attention to our project and sponsors as possible, both locally at our university, nationally and internationally. We have already gotten headliner on Adressa.no and Aftenposten.no
As of now we are working on several projects with different norwegian media houses, and we will be represented through muliple tv-shows on norwegian television. Similar projects like, Shell Eco-marathon, has gotten huge media attention in Norway with over 160 newsarticles and the longest report ever on NRK Dagsrevyen. Our goal is to become a known brand for NTNU, and to make our contribution known through out the entire country. This combined makes a cooperation with Revolve NTNU a great opertunity for your firm to show your commitment to the project and your support to higher education


We hope that our participation will inspire students enrolled at other Norwegian universities and help creating a larger community for Formual Student in Norway. Furthermore we hope that our project will help to increase the interest of science and technology amongst youths.
A cooperation with Revolve NTNU will give you acess to what may be the worlds best student project and the oppertunity to get to know a energetic and hard working crew. In addition to the oppertunity to support Norways most innovative and extreme student orgasisation.
We need more partner relations and if you find our project interesting and would like to support us, please contact us