The Project

What is Formula Student?

Formula Student is a student competition organized by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) in partnership with several major companies.
Each year hundreds of teams on the Formula 1 race track Silverstone in the UK.

Teams consisting of students from universities worldwide joins the competition each year. The students task is to create a team and together design and build a single seatrace car that will be subjected to a series of static anddynamic tests.

Formula Student provides students an opportunity to combine theory from their studies with a unique practical experience through project work. The project helps the students to build specialized knowledge within an area of their interest.

The competition

The team will simulate that they receive an order for a car prototype for evaluation. The intended customer is a non-professional driver who will be using the car on a closed course in their spare time. This requires that the car must have very good qualities in terms of acceleration, braking and steering. It should be low in cost, easy to maintain and reliable. In addition, valued factors such as aesthetics, comfort and the use of standard parts. The challenge for the team is to develop and manufacture a prototype and a complete documentation of their work. The project is given score to different assessment criteria and the teams are competing for the best overall score.

The competition requires total commitment, late nights, and many frustrations and challenges along the way, but the result is the development of highly talented young engineers.



The outcome

The competition attracts teams from universities all over the world. For universities, Formula Student represents a valuable project that blends academic work and learning with practical engineering. The project will be a strong magnet to attract applicants to engineering. In addition, help students create a closer link with local industry.

Industrial companies need continuous supply of skilled engineers, especially young engineers with work experience. Companies involved in the Formula Student through sponsorship get access to these very talented young civilengineers, both as potential recruits, and potential future customers.

Graduates civil engineers must be very early in a leadershiprole and master the project management, marketing, team building, budgeting and other administrative tasks. ThroughFormula Student develops students such experience and expertise in "hands on" experience with a strong awarenessof performance, price, safety, reliability and regulatory compliance.


The competition was started in 1981 at the University ofHouston in cooperation with SAE International calledFormula SAE. The purpose was to give students anopportunity to develop both new technologies and theirprofessional qualities. In England, took the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) on the challenge to organizethe competition in 1998. This became known as FormulaStudent and is different from Formula SAE in that it isdesigned to be a learning exercise more focused onacademic training over several years. However, the same rules used by both Formula Student and Formula SAE (withsome minor changes), and this means that teams cancompete in more races. The competition now takes placeevery year in several places in the world, including England,Germany, Italy, USA, Brazil and Australasia. These are heldat the end of each academic year normally in early July.


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