Tech Corner

Silverstone 2012

After two years of hard work and some intense last couple of weeks, the Formula Student competition at Silverstone was finally here.


Greetings from Silverstone!


We arrived at the camp on tuesday evening. By the time we had settled down and started to set the tents up, the sky opened and we got to experience the rainy weather everyone has been talking about lately!


Moulding of air intake

After the moulds were finished, and we could start the moulding of the carbon fibre air intake.
At "Department of engineering design and materials" at NTNU we got access to a laboratory.

Three layers of carbon fibre with epoxy/hardener between, gives us strength in all directions.
This was then placed in vacuum for a couple of days. The results were surprisingly successfull!


Air Intake prototype

The guys in our R&D group have the last couple of months been working on the car's intake, in terms of planning, doing CFD-simulations and designing. They've now had the opportunity to get practical and have finished moulds to be used for carbon fibre moulding of an intake prototype (to be used in dyno runs). The moulds have been lathed and/or milled, sanded,  glued, puttied and waxed.



The guys are working long hours at the workshop, and what recently
looked like this...