The frame is the skeleton of the car and keep the car together. The frame stiffness and weight is essential to operating conditions.

                                              The current CAD-model of this year's frame

This year's framework is largely based upon last year's frame, but with some improvements. Weight reduction is one of the focus areas in all parts of the car, and especially regarding the frame. The framework is therefore both shorter and narrower than last year, thus significantly lighter. Nevertheless, the new design has much free space in strategic areas so that the weight reduction is not at the expense of operating space.



                  Comparing last year's frame (dark) with this year's current frame (light).

From the organizers of the Formula Student (IMECHE) we have some fixed points and pipe sizes determined. This is mainly for safety reasons. Our mission is to build a lightweight and rigid frame on the basis of these criteria. To achieve this we use hollow steel pipes in all parts of the frame. This is because the hollow steel tubing is stiffer, in terms of weight, than the solid steel. For the same reason we go for thinner wall thickness of steel pipe than last year. Furthermore, we determine the attachment points of the tubes. We are working hard to minimize the tube quantity and still achieve maximum frame rigidity. Using computer simulation programs, we can calculate the frame's stiffness continuously and constantly get feedback on the changes make. This allows us to optimize the frame in terms of weight and stiffness in a proper and efficient manner.

This year we will also make our own crash box and a seat. The crash box absorbes force and distributing it evenly over the frame in case of a collision. This also affects the frame construction. It is important that the frame protects the driver in case of a collision. To create our own seat gives us the ability to customize the fit for drivers and assembly to the frame. In addition, we can save weight by molding the seat in carbon fiber.