Development of air intake

The Revolve NTNU R&D department have the last 6 months been developing a two stage variable air intake. The final design have undergone extensive testing, and are now ready for final production.


Cooperation with Techni



Techni visited us this monday. We discussed different solutions and possibilities for our project. Techni contributed with many great ideas, and they are now officially one of our partners in this project.
Techni offer consulting and expertice in mechanics, electronics, industrial design, analyses, quality management, prototyping and production. Their knowledge will be an important asset to our project.
You can read more about Techni here:

Cooperation with Petter Solberg

Revolve NTNU has come to agreement with Petter Solber for a cooperation.

Three of our membersSigbjørn Eriksrud, Thomas Christiansen and Magnus Bjerkaker traveled Saturday November  2th down to Oslo to hold a stand during Solberg Extreme Motor Show. There was an agreement signed between Petter Solberg, Petter Solberg Engineering and us Revolve NTNU.