Introducing KA Aquilo R!

After nine months of late nights, work-filled weekends and short vacations, we finally finished our car. Today was the day we showed what we, 46 eager engineering students can accomplish. We showed what real commitment brings with it, and how theoretical studies can be applied. Today was the day we unveiled KA Aquilo R, the wind from the north.

The unveiling took place in the EL5 auditorium at NTNU, and the auditorium was full shortly after we opened the doors. In addition, there were over 400 who saw the unveiling as live stream online.

Project manager Ida Klemetsrud and technical leader Marius Øgård held speaches about this year's team and the car's specifications and technical solutions. In particular, they both highlighted how hard working and dedicated this year's team members are, and that we therefore have managed to achieve a result that is exceptional.

In addition, we had a visit from the Minister Kristin Halvorsen and CEO of main sponsor Kongsberg Automotive, Hans Peter Havdal. They both held engaging speeches about the importance of student engagement and the private sector's cooperation with students.