The History

The dream to make a car

In the spring of 2010 four students, Steffen Johnsen, Sigbjørn Eriksrud, Simen Johnsen og Øyvind Våland sat together to discuss the possibilities for more exiting projects.  They had a wish to get more practical experience relatet to their current education. When they realised that it was impossible for them to join the established Shell Eco Marathon project, it was obvious that they had to figure something out. After hours with research they discovered that Formula Student was the most exiting project for them to join. Formula Student is a product development competition where the teams has to develop, design and build their own formula race car. In addition the teams must also make sale presentations and echonomic analysis of the car.
A lot of challenges presented it self when we began working. Creating a car is expencive, and you need a lot of resourses like materials, money and experience. Different applications for support was delivered to many fonds and institutions. We went to meetings with NTNU and other teams.
Never the less, the important thing was to first create a structure and a good foundation so that the organization was ready to develop. Despite the fact that the four were good friends, they arranged formal meetings and followed them to the letter. This proved to be a good idea as they would later take in new members. The four already had good attitudes and a good foundation to build a common organizational culture of the new workers. In autumn 2010, they were  finally ready to include the new members who would constitute the management team at Revolver NTNU.

The response around the admission was very good, and after a tough selection process, eight new members joined the team. Meanwhile, the four founders have been in contact with Norway's Creative School, and received various drafts of a graphical profile for the organization. The management group for Revolve NTNU first met 26 October for team building at the paintball arena. Despite the hard battle in the arena and distinct competitive instincts, it was a good atmosphere throughout the evening, which ended over a few beers. There also presented the four initiators Revolver NTNU final graphic identity, that permeates the organization today.

Ledergruppen i Revolve NTNU!

Leaders in Revolve NTNU during an interview with Adressa, November 2010. From the left: Steffen Johnsen, Evelyn Livermore, Erling Kjelstrup, Kristoffer Dahl, Marius Øgård, Øyvind Våland, Marius Øgård, Sigbjørn Eriksrud, Simen Johnsen, Kim Erik Sælemyr, Anders Gjermstad, Brede Børhaug og Jørgen Møinichen.