About Us

What is Revolve NTNU?

Revolve NTNU is a student organization who is going to participate in the competition Formula Student. Formula Student is a studentcompetition in motor sport, with particular emphasis on the development of technology and expertise. Revolve NTNU will be a venue where students can challenge themselves academically through the practical issues in the production of the car and also through marketing, teamwork and leadership. We aim to organize ourselves so the entire NTNU will get a ownership sense to us and see us as a resource for teaching in addition to marketing of the university. We want to create something that will last,something that focuses on academics and provides a professional alternative to those who wish to engage throughout the course.

We are located in offices in the student area of ​​Valgrinda. IPK,Institute of Production and Quality Engineering has also provided us with workshop space here.

If you have questions, comments or wish to join the team,please stop by the office or send us an e-mail to: post@revolve.no.